There is nothing better on the food tours than when we find a new, interesting recipe.  This recipe was provided to a wonderful family visiting from my hometown (Washington, DC) by Ori, one of the spice sellers in the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv. 

Ori the Spice Guy's White Bean Soup Recipe
White beans, soaked overnight and rinsed thoroughly (both before going to sleep and before using the next day)
1 potato 
1 onion
1 cup canola oil
10 cups of water
2 tsp Moroccan Paprika
Small package of tomato paste (88%)
2 tbsp of soup seasoning (or bouillon cube)
2 level tbsp of Hawaij seasoning for soup
1 green chile, chopped to small pieces
1 tbsp salt
8 garlic cloves

1. Cube the potato and onion. 
2. Using a large pot add 1 cup of canola oil and cook the potato and onion in the oil until the onion is browned. 
3. Add 10 cups of water and the white beans to the large pot. 
4. Cook for approximately 50 minutes, checking the beans for softness after 50 minutes.  Cook longer as required. 
5. Add to the pot the Moroccan paprika, tomato paste, soup seasoning, Hawaij, salt, crushed garlic, and green chile.
6. Cook for another 15 minutes. 
7. Serve bean soup with parsley, if desired, as garnish 
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