1. What are we supposed to do with THAT!? 
[overheard from one of the chefs (who will remain nameless) while eyeing a massive tray full of chicken livers]

2. Will you marry me?
[2 out of the 4 chefs proposed to their girlfriends while in Israel! Jewish Agency, how about paying for their honeymoon here?]

3. Is the roux brown enough?

[a roux being central to just about everything they cooked]

4. Who knew, creole can be kosher AND taste good?

[said by, well, everyone who tasted the food, in awe of the good tasting Kosher creole food]

5. When are we eating falafel?
[a common chant from the chefs looking for authentic street food]

And a special addition, overheard from a staff member:
"The next delegation we are hosting will be a dietitian exchange!"

Chefs John Besh and Alon Shaya
Trip Highlights
As it turned out, a one week visit is all Rosh Ha'ayin needed to assure lifelong relationships and support from 4 celebrity chefs from New Orleans. The goal of unifying the two communities was simplified by bringing a group of people together with similar values and a shared passion for food.

I was personally inspired to continue with this kind of bond - it is exactly the concept that I have for Israel Food Tours - sharing what we love with people we appreciate.  I am working hard now so that Israel Food Tours can help replicate this type of meaningful experience for other chefs. 

At the end of such a positive experience, as personal toast after toast highlighted on the last day, the only thing left to say is L'chaim Jewish Agency Partnership 2gether Rosh Ha'ayin and New Orleans - let this project live, breath, and continue to connect Kosher Creole!

Here is a brief recap of an amazing with and trip highlights:

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