I want to wish you all a belated Shana Tova and hope everybody had a great start to their new year, and if you're not Jewish that the past few days have been great for you in any case. My holiday has been full of great food, relaxing in Tel Aviv, seeing friends that have become like family to me and enjoying the unique atmosphere of the holidays in Israel.

Be sure to check out the yearly Rosh Hashanah food article Joan Nathan writes for the New York Times. This year's article about North African Jewish cuisine meets her regular high standard of excellence and there are some great recipes too.

Finally, I also want to share my friend Liz's blogpost about our trip to Ramle a few weeks ago to explore the area's food. Israel Food Tours has just started a new tour, Ramle and Schunat HaTikva, and this trip helped me solidify the trip's itinerary.

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