So, the past 24 hours was Israel's annual No Car Day, sometimes referred by certain strange individuals as Yom Kippur. I did a great bike ride today on much of Tel Aviv and Gush Dan's main highways (greater Tel Aviv metro area), which led me to the Hiria. Anyone that's been to Israel knows the Hiria as the massive garbage dump on the outskirts of the city that rises above the surrounding area. In the past few years the Hiria has been turned into an ecological park and is a pretty cool example of being able to reclaim these kind of areas as green spaces. Its not entirely finished yet, but I was riding by on Highway 4 and decided to go to the top and see what its like. (There was no around today to tell me not to go up) The view from the top is incredible, with easily the best view of Tel Aviv I've ever seen (see pictures below).  In addition, I saw some sage growing, picked some and thought I'd add it to a great taboule recipe I know. We can call my sage from the Hiria version, Garbage Dump Taboule. Just kidding....kind of. 
The taboule recipe I use is that of Liz Steinberg's, and she published a post about it on her blog Cafe Liz. Please visit her blog to see the recipe. I made the taboule a few months ago, and I thought it was delicious; easily the best taboule I'd had, and Liz gets all the credit. Liz liked the Taboule, but didn't think I used enough parsley. As she puts it, "Taboule is a parsley dish" with other stuff added to it. I followed her proportions exactly, but I could have bought some bunches of parsley that were not as big as she's used to purchasing. So...if you make this recipe, follow Liz's advice and buy BIG bunches of parsley.
22/5/2012 04:48:36 pm

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19/7/2012 10:24:59 pm

Liz does make some delicious taboule she is a very talented cook and has a variety of things to offer in food.

23/5/2013 01:21:05 pm

I really appreciate your work especially the research part of it which made the whole point very easy to understand.

5/5/2014 03:52:02 pm

That's delicious! I have had a chance to taste it for the first time in my trip to Israel. It was a 7 days Israel touring package and a memorable one.


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