Newest Conclusion: New Orleans Chefs John Besh, David Slater, Jacques Leonardi and Alon Shaya are simply mensches.  

Through the chef exchange between Partnership 2Gether (formerly Partnership 2000 of the Jewish Agency), the New Orleans and Rosh Ha'ayin communities have had their bonds strengthened, thanks to the hard work of the chef delegation from New Orleans.  On Monday June 27th, Rosh Ha'ayin celebrated the Grand Opening of its promenade and the success was even beyond expectations. The cornerstone of the opening was the 2,000 food tastings and cooking demonstrations created by the New Orleans chefs, Israelis chefs, and volunteers including Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, Alan Franco, and countless others that made the event happen. 

Spending the afternoon together, Israeli chef volunteers alongside the New Orleans chefs, created 4 personalized Kosher Creole dishes, that were sold that evening with the proceeds going to a charitable cause chosen by the Rosh Ha'ayin community. 

As if spending the entire afternoon cooking for 2,000 people was not enough, during the event, each chef could be found dishing out their tastings and doing live demonstrations for the crowds.  The chefs also had the chance to hear (and see!) reactions to their cuisine - and the reaction was clear as the tastings sold out in less than 2 hours.  This leads me to believe that the Creole flavor and the Israeli palette have a lot in common - which is something that can also be seen in the relaxed way of handling the intensity of their task. 

Without a doubt the most special part of this event was the true bond created in the Partner communities.  Seeing the New Orleans and Rosh Ha'ayin families come together, all because of the bond of food and enjoyment, made it clear that the chefs are doing more than just whipping up delicious jumbalayas - they are to be thanked for a much broader unifying experience. 

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