We've just gone through the Arab Spring and everyone's wondering where the next political uprising is going to take place.

The answer, at the moment, appears to be Israel! That Israel would have some sort of political upheaval probably surprises no one. The reason this time, probably will though.

Cottage Cheese.

That's right, Israel is going through a transformational societal revolution because of cottage cheese. Alright, so there is no massive revolution, but people are sure pissed off because of cottage cheese prices.

Upon word that cottage cheese prices would be almost doubled, a Facebook group was created to boycott the product. Word quickly spread, and already stores are reporting a 50% drop in cottage cheese sales. The Knesset is even debating the issue! Cottage cheese is an Israeli staple, with people eating it at any meal. I personally can't stand it, but most Israelis can't live without it. It will be interesting to see how this matter is resolved.

Just imagine what would happen here if hummus prices were to double!
29/5/2012 12:05:31 am

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5/7/2012 05:47:05 pm

That is the point that I was saying about the quality of services of this country in the field of cottages and it is amazing.


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