New Orleans Chefs - Briefing Room
Despite entering the country with suitcases adorned with special knives, the four New Orleans chefs arrived safely this evening through Israel airport security for their week-long visit to sister city Rosh Ha'Ayin.  As part of a delegation through the Jewish Agency's newly re-named Partnership 2gether (formly Partnership 2000), the special knives - to be handled by the talented top chefs - will be put to great use in a week filled with dynamic food and wine events throughout the country. 

The energy was soaring as the chefs John Besh, Alon Shaya, David Slater and Jacques Leonardi arrived through customs and were immediately swept to an evening hosted by members of the Rosh Ha'Ayin community, including the Mayor, and distinguished community guests, host families, and Shlomo Barak/Avinoam Leshem of the Leshem-Barak winery (product of Rosh Ha'ayin!). The speakers highlighted the close ties between the residents of Rosh Ha'Ayin and the Jewish community of New Orleans. The values behind this mission matches those of Israel Food Tours - focusing on food as a lens to establish ties through genuine People to People interactions. 

Some highlights to look forward to in the coming week:
  • Alon Shaya's Passover-friendly almond cake (served at his restaurant Domenica during Passover)
  • Chef Gilad Dolev's master class on Kosher cooking and laws
  • The opening of the Rosh Ha'ayin promenade (the chef's creations will be sold and the proceeds donated to charity)
  • The chefs cooking at an army base for 400 soldiers alongside Israeli military cooks and other special guests
  • Historical and cultural stories and learning about Israel from Alan Franco, the upcoming President of the New Orleans Jewish Federation.  
  • Getting to learn about (and share with you!) stories and perspectives from each of the chefs, and simply having FUN showing them around Israel!

Israel Food Tours - John Besh
Chef John and Jennifer Besh arriving at Israel's Ben Gurion Airport
Israel Food Tours - Chef Delegation
Mayor of Rosh Ha'Ayin and Alan Franco
A very excited Chef Gilad Dolev
23/6/2011 06:31:12 pm

great post inbal. really looking forward to reading about the week's worth of events with the chef delegation.

18/7/2013 07:22:49 pm

The meeting of Beignets and New Orleans chef was really interesting and I really liked this new food recipe given here. All the food items given here are really amazing and all are pretty simple ones to make that consumes only less time. Keep posting more of these sought of interesting snack recipes in future also.

20/4/2021 02:28:53 am

Thank you for sharing thhis


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