All good things must end, and this one ended with a multi-course lunch at chef Chaim Tibi’s restaurant Muscat in Mitzpe Hayamim. (There are worse ways to end things, no?) After touring the organic farms on Mitzpe Hayamim’s premises, members of the delegation bid their farewells to their new friends over dishes that included freshly baked focaccia, filo dough filled with spiced veal and pine nuts, homemade sausage with mustard and duck in pomegranate caramel sauce. 

Chef Jacques Leonardi astutely noticed that I would not be finishing my leg of duck, and before I could blink, it had been swept away to a more appreciative audience. He and I both agree that it’s a pity to see excellent food go to waste. 

Chef John Besh told the group that beyond having a chance to learn more about his faith, the visit to Israel had brought him past the small talk that so often dominates conversation at home. People had opened up to him about things that mattered to them, and he felt the connections he had forged were genuine, he said. 

Moved by the impact of the visit, the group members promised each other that there would be more such collaborations in the future — and soon. 

(By Liz Steinberg)

Miryam Brewer
7/7/2011 01:30:38 am

The stories and the pictures have been fabulous! Thank you for sharing with us this incredible visit by the New Orleans chefs. Looking forward to some of those recipes.

2/3/2018 02:05:23 am

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